Friday, February 8, 2013

Andrej & Bridget

Hi everyone
This week we've been good little artists so we'll have a lot of new illustrations to publish soon.
One of the things that made us happy was Twitter's new Vine app. We were excited about the possibility of uploading videos of our illustrations during the creation process. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts we managed to upload an initial video and we were convinced there wouldn't be any more problems...
However, we were wrong...
After we made a couple of videos of the whole drawing process (that lasts at least a couple of hours) they wouldn't upload. For now we'll continue to try and make new videos (hopefully those will upload) and have patience if it doesn't work again or just take a sledgehammer on our phone and then we won't be tempted to press that damn try again button next to the video. If you have any desire to see if we'll succeed in our mission follow us on Vine - @GypsyBallads

Illustration by Tamara Perković inspired by a photo of Andrej Pejić (photographer Damon Baker)
Illustration by Andrea Perkov inspired by Bridget Malcom photographed by Nicole Bentley for Marie Claire Australia  


  1. I love the coral color you used. It's just beautiful. Especially love the eyes=0)

    1. Thank you so much Carol :) I'm so happy you like it :)
      P.S. it's such a strange feeling that Katie's class is already over. It's too bad that it didn't last longer. I had so much fun =)