Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Skillshare: Illustrating your favorite runway looks

Last week I finished my first online course on Skillshare taught by the talented Katie Rodgers: PaperFashion: Illustrating your favorite runway looks. After admiring her illustrations for a long time I was excited about the opportunity to learn from her. The course lasted for two weeks and has exceeded all my expectations. The first assignment was to create a mood board, then sketch our illustrations followed by watercolor and embellishments for the final sketch. I really can't find the words to describe how happy it made me to get a positive feedback from Katie. It was amazing to see so many beautiful projects, encounter talented people and be surrounded by creativity in such amounts that it made me feel motivated and inspired each day.

Here you can see sketches from my project:

Inspired by Christian Dior's couture collection F/W 2009

Inspired by Elie Saab's RTW collection S/S 2013
Inspired by Elie Saab's RTW collection S/S 2013
I was excited about using glitter for my final sketch. After using it I can honestly say that I love glitter and the feeling is obviously mutual considering the fact that it’s still covering a lot of surfaces in my apartment.  I also ended up using nail decorations for one of my sketches. It was a lucky coincidence that earlier I saw a dress from Alexander McQueen’s collection I really liked and then the next day while I was in a store I saw decorations that would be perfect for imitating the texture of the dress. Eureka!

Inspired by Alexander McQueen's collection F/W 2012-2013
Inspired by Zuhair Murad's RTW collection SS 2011

Yesterday I received one of the best news in my life. I got an e-mail saying that Katie left me a comment. I can’t describe how happy I was when I saw that Katie had chosen me as one of the two winners of her class. This is something I had hoped would happen but after seeing so many amazing projects, I really did not have high hopes of it coming true. So you can imagine my shock (that lasted for a couple of hours) when it happened! I even I thought it was an April 1st joke. It’s one of the biggest compliments I have ever received because it came from one of my top favorite fashion illustrators. I still feel like jumping up and down for joy!

If you want to see other projects you can go to Skillshare or check out #paperfashionshillshare on Instagram.

Thank you Katie and fellow classmates for such great two weeks!