Friday, August 2, 2013

Shoe & Shoes

 Hi guys!
This will be a very short post from me because I'm going on a trip tomorrow, well actually today. I was supposed to go to sleep a couple of hours ago but, as usual, packing things took longer than I planned. I realize some time has past since the last post on this blog, but finally I have something new to show you :)
Hopefully I'll draw some new illustrations while I'm travelling, but since I won't be able to take my scanner with me you can follow me on Instagram (@gypsyballadsandy) and I'll post photos of anything I draw there.
As you can see I was a bit shoe obsessed...

Fashion illustration by Andrea Perkov inspired by Lara Hotz's photo
Fashion illustration inspired by Duccio Venturi's collection 

Hope you have a lovely day wherever you are :)


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