Saturday, September 14, 2013

September Creativity

Hi everyone!
I can't believe it's September already. The summer flew by so fast. I have so many things I want to draw and not enough time. I think it's time I start thinking about making a cloning machine (it's on my to-do list now).
I signed up again for a new class on Skillshare: The Basics of Painting with Watercolors led by Katie Rodgers. For the class project I have to illustrate shoes made out of different types of materials. For now I did three illustrations; two leather and one suede shoe. I'm looking forward to showing you a couple of illustrations I did recently in my next blog post. Until then check out my Instagram if you want to see my works in progress. 

Inspired by Christian Louboutin's pumps
Inspired by pumps from the Amiclubwear online store
Inspired by Diavolina's shoes

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